Rapper Jack Harlow visits Perth burger store Compton Burgers

Jack Harlow at Compton Burgers. Credit: Unknown

A Perth burger store, once visited by megastar Coolio, has enjoyed a touch of star power once again after American rapper Jake Harlow stopped by for a pre-show meal this week.

Staff at Compton Burgers were blindsided by a visit from Harlow who turned up for lunch yesterday, taking them up on a long-shot invitation to stop by during his Australian tour.

Just hours before appearing on stage at HBF Stadium, Harlow approached staff with his brother and ordered the store’s specially-created Harlow burger.

Store owner Michael Theo said he and his brother Andrew reached out to Harlow — who is known for top hits Industry Baby and What’s Poppin — before he started his tour, but said he never expected him to come in and visit.

“I heard through the grapevine he loved our burgers, so I reached out and messaged him. . .but I didn’t think it would work,” he said.

“The secret I found is just to be nice and genuine to people and they love it, and it worked.

“He just came in unexpectedly, I love him he’s really nice.”

Jack Harlow eating at Compton Burger. Credit: Unknown.

Mr Theo — who said he is accustomed to famous rappers in his store previously — said he was very grateful by Harlow’s visit, which he described as “awesome.”

“It was very generous for Harlow to come in, it was great for all of us,” he said.

“It was awesome for my staff but it was just normal to me, I’ve had Coolio here before.”

Co-owners Michael and Andrew were able to snap a selfie with the star as proof of his visit.

Compton Burgers was named after the infamous violent Californian city and works closely with charities in the Los Angeles county.

“We want to give something back, that’s the whole idea for us,” Mr Theo said.

“We talk to the mayor of Compton and we get along really well. . .we just want to give back, that’s what we want to do.”

Harlow, who is heading to Sydney next then Melbourne, was also spotted at cult streetwear label StreetX in Northbridge Wednesday afternoon.


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